June 24

Zelda and I rode to Laurelhurst park on May 31st to protest. It was the second night since this most … More

March 31st

Last night, something real happened between my daughter and me. As a friend said, “everyone’s regular patterns are just getting … More

March 30th

Yesterday I scrubbed away the thick black line of goo (sneaky, deep-crack goo) that was making the dishwasher (and the … More

Birthday letter, 7

December 24, 2019 Deanie, we are 7 years this day from the day you came out of me, there on … More

A month in

Dear A– I’m thinking about you in academia. Thinking about your body. I imagine R is a good companion, helping … More


Wevan is dead. When we got it (they? her?), Clara’s language was such that she called it We-vaan. The name … More