Grief and Growth

“I was startled at first by your practice; it’s the sort of thing I might usually run from, but by the same measure it is absolutely the thing I need. I feel like a disembodied brain walking around half the time, a disembodied brain sitting on top of at least two generations of trauma and my own lifetime of unacknowledged grief. Thank you. You are a beautiful teacher and presence and leader.”

– Frances, on the Grounding and Grief series, December 2020

This series will meet once a week for four weeks, for movement, journaling, meditation, breath work, and altar making. Exploring the developmental progression between yield and push, we’ll feel for our willingness to receive, accept, and take action from a place of love.

My preparation for this class comes in the context of the combined forces of spring and vaccination (a return to school for many kids; sharp increases of bodies in shared space; social media churning; our bodies yelling Yes and No at the same time; as ever, unequal distribution of risk and harm and policing and access). I sense a relatively sudden upward energetic in the collective body.

I know from my plant friends that growth toward the sun must be mirrored by root expansion, titration of nourishment, and transformative exchange at the soil level. I’m curious about how we move toward what we desire while including more of the quieter, sadder sensations of this year. I’m also curious how we tolerate the gradual nature of change when the push within is so strong. How can we stay in relationship with our shadows as we turn toward the sun? 

I loved teaching the Grief and Ground series back in December. Since then I’ve been thinking about ways to slow down my approach to offer those inquiries, practices, and states in ways that are more accessible. This season is a perfect one for nature-worship; I want to support you to pay close attention to how growth happens. With gratitude to Lama Rod Owens, Tada Hozumi, dare sohei, Prapti Giri, my CS coven, and the compost pile.