Grounding Practice

“I have been a recipient of Devon’s work on yielding to the earth and it has changed my life. Through her guidance my body has learned to be more deeply in reciprocal relationship with the Earth. I have felt my feet puff up, when I thought they were skinny and flat. I have learned how my muscles and skin can both soften and remain in integrity. I have learned that when I take support from the earth, I also give the earth a part of me. No other embodiment teacher has taught me how my relationship with the earth is also about consent and about the pleasure of receiving and giving.” – Prapti

With deep gratitude to the East Asian wisdom practices of Qi Gong, savasana, restorative yoga, meditation, and yoga Nidra; the direct transmissions of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Amy Matthews, and Liz Koch; and ongoing navigations with scoliosis and my body’s cries for space and time to yield. Years ago I started spending more time holding still in my movement practice. I found that I could enter deeply into reciprocal relationship with the earth. As I practiced doing less, I discovered how much extra I was doing. I sat up with strength and ease that came organically out of attending to and softening established pathways of weight. I found the earth as a lover, always available as I discovered the ways I had learned to override or ignore needs for consent and support. I wanted to offer this practice to everyone. 

Rest, though, is radical. Culturally, we are taught that stopping is not safe. I feel the upward tension in our shared soma, and the nervous system activation when I ask people to be still. I witness with compassion as bodies routinely collapse in their joint spaces and immediately crash into sleep. Yielding into our unconditional belonging can be deeply challenging. And, it is how we find home in our bodies, how we make home in our places, and how we build home with each other. 

I hope you’ll join.