I’m Devon. I practice and teach movement, writing, self-sensing, and communication for creative presence, deep resourcing, and personal and communal accountability. I manifest as many: a modern Buddhist; an abolitionist; a white woman with her own work to do: to get free, to get out of the way.

I shop the farmers market weekly and cook dinner daily. I pray through photographs and poems. I am at home in the mountains and desert, tied to the city. I am a mentor, teacher, and student of youth. Parenting is my calling, and I do community work supporting parents, including all of us who are trying to re-parent our own inner kids. I am lovingly breaking the box of family-life through non-monogamy, shared parenting, deeply committed platonic love, and a very romantic relationship with the ground. On my growth edge, I am a baby witch, moving through the grace of elemental god forces and ancestors. I dream of de-colonial liberation and play with a multi-dimensional tool box that includes gardening, breath, and the erotic.

All beings are my teachers, so I sometimes struggle to neatly describe a lineage through which my offerings unfold. I live in gratitude for the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, which arrives to me most directly through the interventions of Amy Matthews and Wendy Hambidge. I bow to Todd Jackson, Rebecca Harrison, Suniti Dernovsek, Tahni Holt, and Renee Sills, who are all part of a local ecosystem which invites me back to the wisdom of my body again and again. I have training in manual therapy, substantial experience with chronic pain (in my body and others’), and a cultivated practice of listening to Black women. These resources converge in me as interoception in the tissues of the cultural bodies through which I sense meaning, belonging, and agency at individualized and collective intersections.

My guidance—inner and outer—emphasizes physiological availability to support, noticing and integrating creative responses to discomfort, and relating with expansive compassion to discover deep, unconditional resource, reciprocity, and solidarity. I enquire through the seasons, through my cells, through laughter and tears. I am here to witness, honor, name, and transform. 

Embodiment practices for transformational times