I’m Devon. I practice and teach movement, writing, self-sensing, and communication for creative presence, deep resourcing, and personal and communal accountability. I manifest as many: a modern Buddhist; an abolitionist; a white woman with her own work to do. I shop the farmers market weekly and cook dinner daily. I make photographs and poems. I am queer, at home in the woods and the desert, tied to the city. I am a parent and I support parents, including those who are trying to re-parent their own inner kids. I am a mentor, teacher, and student of youth. On my growth edge, I am a baby witch, here for de-colonial liberation with a multi-dimensional tool box that includes my garden, my breath, and a practice in cultural somatics.

My guidance—inner and outer—emphasizes practical, physical skills for connecting with support, noticing and integrating creative responses to discomfort, and relating with expansive compassion to discover deep, unconditional resource. I enquire through the seasons, through my cells, through love. I am here to witness, honor, name, and transform.