Yukiko Montoya, James Baldwin, A Guide to Being Born, To the Lighthouse, That Kind of Mother, Marjane Satrapi (told my OBGYN about Embroideries while she was looking inside of me TYVM), All the Anna Hibiscus and all the Catwings – with the 6yo, Babies and their Mothers, Educating People to be Emotionally Intelligent, Number the Stars – with the 11yo, omg Ross Gay! swoon, Black Nature: for real get you this poetry anthology, Yaki Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass – with the 11yo, Epileptic (wow the art in this book), The Piano Lesson and The Hate U Give – with students, The Benefits of Being an Octopus and Jefferson’s Sons – both such great reads with the 11yo, The Crane Girl and of course Mo Willems – with the 6yo


Exit West, Refuge, La Rose, Idaho, Giovanni’s Room; Summerhill, The Cushion in the Road, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, A Feminist Manifesto, Why Buddhism Is True; The War That Saved Me and The War I Finally Won – with the 10 year old; A Homemade Together Christmas, Mommy’s Khimar, Sparkle Boy, and the Catwings series – with the 5 year old, No Time to Spare, Theft By Finding; Parable of the Sower, Sense and Sensibility, The Tempest, Black Wings Beating – with students

Again and always, great reporting about what’s really happening in Yogaland; Some Tea for good measure – this is my guru guy we’re talking about; Some wonderful somebodies saying what I wanna say all damn day, but they do it better; And some things I couldn’t begin to say, but need to hear

I have loved this blog for ten years and now I get to love Catherine’s advice column for parents of teens, Really a lot of Louise Erdrich, The Body Keeps the Score, my first Mary Karr, I am Not a Number, The Story of Frog Belly Ratbone, Niko Draws a Feeling, NOT instagram, all these books about Feelings that I have been reading to kids for ten years (thanks Aunt Mary!) I got a couple great responses from my most recent newsletter, and one included this great piece (thanks, Seth!)


Lillith’s Brood, Radical Dharma, always Street Roots, all about love: New Visions, Teaching Critical Thinking, Upstream, The Bingo Palace

Nothing Special, Whereas, Hope in the Dark, Moonglow, The Heart Sutra, Swing Time

A lot of August Wilson, Notes from No Man’s Land, The New Rules of Posture, Love Warrior, Mindful Games, finished Evicted thanks to Everybody Reads – does anyone want my copy?, Ruby Lee and Me (recommended forcefully by my favorite eight year old), Lincoln in the Bardo, and James Baldwin, Lonny Jarrett, and John McPhee – just usually


Yoga Dork, How Children LearnThe Story of a Brief Marriage

Americanah, Original Yoga, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, The New Jim Crow, The Round House, Molly at Orangette just went deep, Sitting Bull is watching, Anything I can find about Standing Rock that comes directly from the tribes

Neoliberalization and Self-Care, Soul-and-system-searching about segregation in American public schools, Roxanne Gay is always great, and Physics in the mornings

Also: I LOVE this podcast (Body Nerds Unite!)

The Argonauts, The Trauma of Everyday Life, The Iceberg, The Wild Ones, When I am Happiest, An American Childhood

Matthew Remski over at Huffington Post, Shit Going Down in Yogaland, After Buddhism, Evicted, Winter Hours, Unstoppable Octobia May, We Are in a Book!

White Noisethreads of yogaBeing MortalThe Wisdom of No EscapeSyllabusBetween the World and MeMy Happy LifeOn ImmunityCitizenThe Mindful ChildH is for Hawk100 Essays I Don’t Have Time to WriteStag’s LeapThe First Bad ManCore AwarenessMaking BabiesHealth at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your WeightYoga BodyPlease Baby Please