Exit West, Refuge, La Rose, Idaho, Giovanni’s Room; Summerhill, The Cushion in the Road, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, A Feminist Manifesto, Why Buddhism Is True; The War That Saved Me and The War I Finally Won – with the 10 year old; A Homemade Together Christmas, Mommy’s Khimar, Sparkle Boy, and the Catwings series – with the 5 year old, No Time to Spare, Theft By Finding; Parable of the Sower, Sense and Sensibility, The Tempest, Black Wings Beating – with students

Again and always, great reporting about what’s really happening in Yogaland; Some Tea for good measure – this is my guru guy we’re talking about; Some wonderful somebodies saying what I wanna say all damn day, but they do it better; And some things I couldn’t begin to say, but need to hear

I have loved this blog for ten years and now I get to love Catherine’s advice column for parents of teens, Really a lot of Louise Erdrich, The Body Keeps the Score, my first Mary Karr, I am Not a Number, The Story of Frog Belly Ratbone, Niko Draws a Feeling, NOT instagram, all these books about Feelings that I have been reading to kids for ten years (thanks Aunt Mary!) I got a couple great responses from my most recent newsletter, and one included this great piece (thanks, Seth!)


Lillith’s Brood, Radical Dharma, always Street Roots, all about love: New Visions, Teaching Critical Thinking, Upstream, The Bingo Palace

Nothing Special, Whereas, Hope in the Dark, Moonglow, The Heart Sutra, Swing Time

A lot of August Wilson, Notes from No Man’s Land, The New Rules of Posture, Love Warrior, Mindful Games, finished Evicted thanks to Everybody Reads – does anyone want my copy?, Ruby Lee and Me (recommended forcefully by my favorite eight year old), Lincoln in the Bardo, and James Baldwin, Lonny Jarrett, and John McPhee – just usually


Yoga Dork, How Children LearnThe Story of a Brief Marriage

Americanah, Original Yoga, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, The New Jim Crow, The Round House, Molly at Orangette just went deep, Sitting Bull is watching, Anything I can find about Standing Rock that comes directly from the tribes

Neoliberalization and Self-Care, Soul-and-system-searching about segregation in American public schools, Roxanne Gay is always great, and Physics in the mornings

Also: I LOVE this podcast (Body Nerds Unite!)

The Argonauts, The Trauma of Everyday Life, The Iceberg, The Wild Ones, When I am Happiest, An American Childhood

Matthew Remski over at Huffington Post, Shit Going Down in Yogaland, After Buddhism, Evicted, Winter Hours, Unstoppable Octobia May, We Are in a Book!

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