Grief Inquiry 4

(May 28, 2021)

Hello friends.

This is the fourth of four weeks of shared inquiry around grief.

I am trying to metabolize the isolations of this time. I feel the huge zoom-out of awareness that has come with so much coordinated loss. I desire many small ceremonies.

These prompts are an effort to bring a quality of presence to what already is, so that we can recognize and tend the processing we’re doing together and alone. So we can let sticky spirits move through. So we can pre-figure collective transformation. But, mostly, so we can treat as precious what is precious.

If you want accountability, feedback, or just to build connection, I would love to hear your reflections. Please reply to this email. This week is a somatic inquiry prompt.Grief Inquiry Audio Recording (20 minutes)

The prompt for this week is an audio recording, a guided inquiry into sensation as it already exists in your body. 

If you want to have more sensation to work with, try this when you just moved a lot. You could dance it out for a song or two, take a hike, do your regular workout, etc. 

This is a great inquiry for transitional times – you just finished work, you’re waiting for someone, it’s almost time for bed.

I use these questions when I notice a nagging set of sensations – a low back ache that keeps coming up, muscle tension, or a quality of energy that makes it hard to rest or focus.

You can also do this at a time when you feel relaxed in your body: positive sensations of support and ease are great for inquiry!

There is no particular position to practice this in. Sitting, standing, lying down all work.

I mention in the recording a sensation list I use at school. I love to have youth create their own word bank so the descriptions feel authentic, but this is one we start with. 

Thank you for playing along with me this month and supporting my accountability to my own process.


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