Parenting Practice 2

Begin in a moment when you feel relaxed and at ease in your body.

While sitting in a comfortable chair, holding the baby.

While the kids are breathing in their sleep and you have given yourself permission to rest.

While reading a book to an interested, relaxed child.

While on a walk, watching a toddler study the world with all their senses.

While witnessing an older child as they share something with you they care about.

Notice your feet in this moment.

Then your belly.

Feel all your skin; how you are contained by the air around you.

Follow that containment back into your belly.

In the bowl of your pelvis: the location where this child began, whether in your body or in another’s.

The place where their own future children rest now in possibility.

That place in your body has a tone, a pulse.

Has weight.

As you notice yourself here, can you imagine this place in your body getting heavier?

Can you imagine your gentle breath expanding in this place?

Can you feel yourself settle down – warm, heavy – into this place, as a baby settles into sleep in your arms?

Stay with this sensation for as long as you like. Revisit it as often as you like.

Notice when it is hard to access this feeling. Notice if you are avoiding this place in your body.

I’ll suggest that, regardless of how you relate to yourself, this refuge is always there.

Can you check to see if this feels true to you?

Published by Devon Riley

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