Practice with Devon

Cultivating Curiosity in Transformational Times

Embodiment practices for Transformational times

Grounding Practice

A one hour drop in class Sundays 4-5 PST online

Orient to the unconditional support of ground.

Grief and Growth

A four week series Fridays 9-11am PST May 7, 14, 21, 28 zoomland

Tend to what the body holds. Navigate your edges in the seasonal context of abundance, gradual change, deep allowing, and compassion.

Private and Small Group Deck Sessions

In-person, covid-informed embodied community.

Gather with a small group of co-workers, friends, or people navigating similar identity locations for intentional, supported movement, self-sensing, and connection.

Parenting for Pleasure and Liberation

Life with our children is a radical gift and a vulnerable revisiting of our own childhood wounds and dreams. Receive practical, personal, somatic support to connect your deep, resourced intentions to the most challenging moments.

More information on how to step in, coming soon.