I’m Devon. I practice and teach movement, writing, self-sensing, and communication for creative presence, deep resourcing, and personal and communal accountability. I manifest as many: a modern Buddhist; an intersectional feminist; a regular farmers market shopper and maker of dinner; a photographer and writer; a child of the earth; a mother and tender of mothering energy anywhere it arises; a mentor, teacher, and friend to youth; on my growth edge: a prison abolitionist, white-dominance-dismantler, student and practitioner of cultural somatics.

My teaching—and my own embodied awareness practice—emphasizes practical, physical skills for connecting with inner and outer support, noticing and integrating creative responses to discomfort, and relating with expansive compassion to discover deep, unconditional resource. I enquire through embodied research and relational experiments to live deeper into my ability to stay steady in my skin while making space for people where they are, as they are, to show up as they can.