Geologic time

CW: this poem is sexy.


Facedown on

This rock

Ask to feel

Geologic time

Strip on a pink

Granite slope

Stroking my

Pink granite


Torso tipped over

Plunging hand

Deer tail ticks

Side to side

Legs straight

Arch to hip

Ass lifted off


Inner thighs

Open both

Touching and showing

Cold thermal

Coming down

The cliff

Runs a

Light cold

Hand sharp

Where warm

Wetness comes

To the surface

All across

The meadow

Snowmelt springs

Earth’s wetness

In pockets,

Edging along boulders


To heal

A dark

Cave here

Where clusters

Of short mountain

Grass grow

Over bridges

Made by

Tree bodies

Swept down

To the valley

In a sudden slide

A roaring, moaning

Slide the

Slope remembers

That release

Afterward, wrap

My sweatshirt

Around my shoulders

Bones of my back

To stone

The weight of the sun

Sinks into

These breaths under

These breasts

These hips

High blue blue sky drinks

The condensation from my

Skin bakes me back

To a Separate thing


Cold breeze lays close to the land

As it moves

Dancing the buds and open

Sex parts of

Most delicate!

Buttercups Heather Yarrow Violets

Paintbrush Pine pollen Penstemon pistil

Sedum, saxifrage, stamen

Too, the breath

of this wide wet pocket’s


Licks my nipples in time

I imagine the evening’s

Warm outbreath

As sky air falls to the

Shining moving skin

Of the lake again

Ravished by the rhythm

I dress and continue

To ascend

Hand and foot

Reach and lean

Playful warmth at the center

Draws me up and on and in

Published by Devon Riley

lately: youth work, parenting, sorcery, books, walks in the woods

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