Nov 18, 2018

16A small window opens: in the library glancing at the Leslie Odom Junior book, on youtube scanning Rob Plevin videos out of nowhere, while reading an article in my email from Mindful magazine. I glimpse the quickly moving figure of … me? Learning? Coming out enough from my hunched posture of deficit and embarrassment … I can’t be both the watcher and the figure. What is it that I see? Oh anything. I see out the damn window for a second, gasp, and then it’s gone.

Focus on their strengths.

Clara: detailed, delighted, go with the flow

Zelda: aware, supportive, direct

Jeff: funny, playful, hardworking

Quin: polite, earnest, honest

Shawna: honest, energetic, generous

Me: responsive, warm, mostly conscious


Published by Devon Riley

Teacher, mother, plant person, film photographer, modern buddhist, intersectional feminist. I keep a journal, take hikes, love women, have a husband, make dinner daily.

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