Feb 3


06Reading The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. Learning (for the first time!?) about Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck. Learning the New Biology. A fantasy ticking along in the background: being a doctor of the kind I’ve always relied upon. Collecting understanding. Studying bodies. Contributing in my way to the communal, collective, cooperative, aware understanding of life. 

Stock burbling and popping on the stove. Oranges in an orange bowl. Rita Dove, a book called Aware by Dan Siegel, and LaRose by beloved Louise E. Empty coffee cup. Wet road. 

Jeff sick upstairs. Girls still asleep. Why am I not fevered? The puzzle of biology, immunity, each cause arising and falling away, each “effect” equally complex, transitory, shimmering with variables. 

There is something spoiled about a bucket list, but dreams tell so much…

  • Studying BMC in Lorane with Amy
  • Being with children, supporting parents
  • Cadaver dissection
  • Living walking distance to a wild place
  • Growing more and more of my own food, space for a real compost pile, flowers
  • Knitting myself a sweater
  • Improving my spanish and using it
  • Caring for my mother in her old age
  • Ever deepening embodied presence with life
  • A longer stretch at Great Vow
  • Supportive movement practices
  • Women who inspire me and love me
  • A medium format camera, a flash automatic camera
  • Activism around seed, water and land sovereignty
  • A vision of equity that begins with me, is deeply spiritual, informs everything and is ever evolving

Published by Devon Riley

lately: youth work, parenting, sorcery, books, walks in the woods

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