April 16


The private class I taught Saturday (before everything fell apart?) was as concise a transmission of the core points of my work as I can remember…

  1. Most people are as strong as they need to be to be able to do what they want to do. It is accessing and utilizing that strength that is challenging. 
  2. The parts of us that do too much do it because they believe they are saving us from collapse/ obliteration.
  3. Accessing strength or balancing strength is a cycle between encouraging other parts to do more and encouraging over-used parts to do less.
  4. Responding to exhaustion (in over-used areas) by choosing rest/ practicing yield helps facilitate nervous system impulses that facilitate sharing the work
  5. Making small ranges of motion and slowing gestures down help facilitate sharing the work by asking different parts of ourselves to show up 
  6. Considering family patterns can help us perceive internal anatomic and physiologic strategies/ patterns of use and strength (and vice versa)
  7. Exploring movement patterns that help us feel resourced – whether through rest or resilience (ability to move in and down or ability to move out and up) – is a more functional, loving road than exploring movement patterns that are goal oriented
  8. You Have more freedom than you’re using
  9. Freedom means choice, creativity, ability to access resources internally, ability to accept support, ability to ask generative questions/ get curious, ability to move away from center without losing center
  10. Paradigm of hardening and collapse
  11. Paradigm of the nest or tangle: when the spectrum disappears and we can only do it ONE WAY or not at all (hardening/collapse) we have moved out of whole self and into the story of the tangle
  12. The tangle is what protects a moment of wisdom that was too much truth to tolerate
  13. Unwinding the tangle is a nonlinear, stop/go/observe/rest engagement *with the tangle* 
  14. Each of us is sufficient to our own tangles if and when we are accepting of support
  15. Staying present w physical sensation and urge (push, pull, withdraw, collapse, rest, harden, flee, freeze) allows us to be in relationship outside of time/narrative


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