I was talking to my friend the other day and she was praising Devon after taking one of her classes at People’s.  I told her I agreed how great she is and that I hear her voice now in my head almost daily telling me to where to let go and where to draw strength from.  Her advice comes from extensive knowledge, but more than that, she has true compassion for the people and their body’s whom she teaches.  Hearing her voice in my head is hearing a voice of love.I took her workshops last winter at a time when I felt pain in most of my body.  She taught me to first be compassionate and patient with myself, and that pain is actually just a indication of poor distribution of resources.  Her lessons extended even outside of the body and into the bigger world around us.

I am a massage therapist.  I practice Thai bodywork.  Devon’s classes are like physical therapy for me.  She has the explanations for good alignment, distribution of strength, and body awareness nailed!  Every time I work I think of my weight-bearing poses and remember her words.  I am stronger, more aligned, and now know how to prolong my career.  She’s so good, I thought, “she needs to teach a class to bodyworkers on how to hold our bodies to avoid overuse injuries and to help prolong our strength.” Would it be correct to say she is a yoga instructor?  I don’t think so.  She is a wise teacher who uses yoga as a means to teach us how to love, live in and move our bodies in a world full of distractions.

– Mary

Practice with Devon


Reaching for what is, not what “should” be

Eyes, ears, body focused on particularity

What is here (my outer foot, a pinch in my groin, a familiar face)

What is now (breath, im/balance, laughter)

What is mysterious (the space behind my lungs, the difference between reaching and gripping)

Inner connection

Without attachment

With compassion

Shared space

A river of moments, poses, curiosity, breath, hands on wall, practicing death, stuckness, knee drops, confusion, adaptation

An embodied guide

A persistent questioner

A learned and always learning teacher


I have practiced with Devon for five years. I have learned to practice with Devon. I have learned to listen, to feel, to trust my body. To adapt poses to the reality of my body, of my changing moments. I have gone inside my self, to my felt sense, my energy, and away from a visual, distanced judgment in my practice. I have found places in myself I didn’t know were there, and I have wandered in frustration, gentling when I am reminded that indeed this is the practice.

This practice is with me on my mat, and in all of the other moments I move through the world.

– Holly

 Devon is great! She’s super knowledgeable and incredibly helpful, and she’s always available to work with you on specific concerns. Her foundations class is perfect for someone who is just starting out or wants a refresher. I plan on taking it again just to strengthen my fundamentals even more.
– Justin
We move through the world with habits and movements that work in our bodies to attempt to reduce the discomfort and pain we might experience. In class, we begin to look at these patterns through a loving and compassionate lens, noticing how they serve us and how they don’t. We begin to gently explore different options that can feel completely dark and unknown and yet as these new pathways come more into the light, it has felt to me like coming home to my body. The power of yoga and this class is that it is not about avoiding pain, discomfort, and unknowing but moving compassionately through it to discover the full nourishment and functionality of your body each day as it has been shaped by your experience in this world. A place of healing without needing to fix or solve anything.
– Tess
A master teacher is one who reduces her practice to utter simplicity so that it may be shared with others. Devon is such a master.
– Doug
 Practicing with Devon is;
An inward exploration of the quieter aspects of my being.
A purging of cherished habits to make room for another way.
Mindful movement.
Always different, always new, always fresh.

– Kristy

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