Feb 25

I lay in bed with Zelda: same. I wondered about her earlier cheerful complaint about the 5:2 ratio that is so damn firm in our society. We are chased, it is true. I feel the slam of the next day coming quickly to catch the tail of this one, to keep the mouse from everContinue reading “Feb 25”

Feb 3

Reading The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. Learning (for the first time!?) about Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck. Learning the New Biology. A fantasy ticking along in the background: being a doctor of the kind I’ve always relied upon. Collecting understanding. Studying bodies. Contributing in my way to the communal, collective, cooperative, aware understanding of life. Continue reading “Feb 3”

Jan 23, 2019

Today, working with Tatianna on her poetry project. I say, “What do you want to do?” She says, “Should we do this?”  I feel: enjoyment working with her; satisfaction that she is able to maintain focus and exert creativity over several hours; growth in myself around this assignment; alertness to her particular communication style andContinue reading “Jan 23, 2019”