wants and needs

3.29.09 Spring comes on apace.  Buds nearly opening on JD’s cherry; the white magnolias by the Chinese garden in full … More

Let me belong

In 1983 I prayed to ducksa few geese, sometimes a seagull I went out to them, dressed, with my toes … More

On the phone

Little mama, talking to the spirits. Hello? hello? The solace of women all around, modeled in the kitchen, on the … More

To be revealed

After Alexis Pauline Gumbs, who writes beautiful reflective poems connecting to elements, ancestors, childhood, and more than human family on … More

Parenting Practice 2

Begin in a moment when you feel relaxed and at ease in your body. While sitting in a comfortable chair, … More

Parenting practice

Here is a practice: Observe your child enter the room Say nothing Consider yourself at your child’s age Say nothing … More

A Day of Mourning

11.26 A Day of Mourning I want to sit down and grieve Sit in the snow Feel the cold settling … More